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Plate Heat Exchanger:

Plate heat exchangers are such devices that work with the principle of two different liquids making heat transfer in themselves. The liquid to be heated or the liquid heats, are totally seperated from each other with plates. In standart plate heat exchangers, there are 4 in-out ports and two of them are for heater liquid and two of them for heated liquid. With special production, it is possible to produce heat exchangers which have more than one heater or heated liquids.

MIT Plate Heat Exchangers is composed of:

- Front frame with In-Out Connections and information on it,
- Top and bottom carrying shafts which are used for fixing plates,
- First plate that prevents liquid from contacting with frame,
- Flow plates which let liquids to pass and enable heat transfer,
- Fully closed last plate which prevents liquids from touching back frame,
- Back frame with assembly and maintenance instructions on it, which can move on the shafts,
- Washers and pins which enable to hold plates in a certain squeezing level.

In MIT Plate Heat Exchanger Tag that is placed front frame there are:

- Model information of our heat exchanger,
- Plate number of our heat exchanger,
- Production number of our heat exchanger,
- Capacity information of our heat exchanger,
- Test and using temperature of our heat exchanger,
- Test and using pressure of our heat exchanger,
- Minumum squeezing dimensions of our heat exchanger,
- Ekin Endüstriyel contact information.