General Information / Mixing

Another encountered problem of heat exchanger is mixing of two fluids which passing heat exchanger. Mixing problem is the biggest problem that encountered on heat exchangers. Only reason of mixing is puncture of plates. Such as factors that extremely corrosive fluids, complete operation life of the plates, ram pulse of the steam exchangers is the main cause of puncture of the plate. Mixing problem is not about gaskets. The only solution way of the mixing problem is remove or change the plate which caused problem. Problem plate may identify with eye but for the most accurate result may get with penetration test.

In penetration test, expendable two different color penetration dye squeeze two different side of plate and wait for expension. Expended dye passes to the other side when finds any hole and changes the colour of the other dye for its colour. So that leakage point is found.

Mixing problem may cause problems that indicated below:
- Oil- water mixing and deterioration of the characteristics of the oil at he oil cooling systems.
- Sea water mixing with fresh water in the sea-water exchangers and it is damage to plumping elements.
- With the installation of extra water to steam boiler, pressure increases on the steam heat exchangers.
- Mixing of boiler water with usage water depending on the pressure on the hot water heat exchangers or mixing of boiler water with usage water increases boiler pressure.

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