General Features / For Quality and Longevity of Water Heater

1- Enamel coating TRKK 6222 Eregli appropriate low-carbon hot-rolled steel sheet for cold forming,

2- Enamel Thickness 200U - 250u, between

3- The main structure consisting of boron and silisyumdan heavy metal-free, double layer of titanium doped and Rohs values ??in accordance with enamel,

4- Enamel, is excellent for pre-clean surfaces, double-bathing,

5- Maximum Test Pressure Pipe SRM-resistant,

6- Polyurethane insulation density 42-44 kg / m³

7- Powder Coating Thickness 50U-80u, delay corrosion, clean the surface with iron phosphate coating for long life circumstances, such as that performed best.