About Us / Objectives and Principles

Customer-focused business strategy and the "best" to be the target, the importance of human resources to give greken development, remember that the source passes through creating, business ethics and honesty, "sine qua non" condition to make the most basic principles our country and to be conscious of the power layer.

Our mission is to :

Quality, Safe and Rapid Manufacturing

Our vision is :

Being a pioneer and leader in the industry

Our strategy is to :

Safety, cost savings, transparency, ease of inspection, Productivity

Values are:

Customer focus, Reliability, Continuity, Innovation

Create value for our customers, the first priority is to respond to the expectations of the quality and stability. With our products, our duty to go out and be near our customers after sales.

Fair in our relationships, in order to ensure mutual benefit, to act in good faith and understanding, always obey the laws and ethics principles. Today's people and fulfill our responsibilities to future generations, we are a pioneer and abandon the basic principle is another.