General Features / Water Heater Standards

Paint Standard :

In case water heater MIT, developed in parallel with environmental consciousness of the world, is covered with electrostatic powder paint. Electrostatic powder coating is environmentally friendly. Lead, do not contain substances such as solvents. Product is coated with iron phosphate before painting a long life and to be minimizing the risk of corrosion.

Pour paint, not faced with problems such as fading. The following tests are performed on a daily basis in our laboratories.
- Impact Test
- Scratch Test
- Bending Test
- Salt Test
According to European standards, the salt test after iron phosphate MIT water heater with electrostatic powder paint products, while the standard 460 hours 380-420 hours.

Enamel Standard :

Productions at MIT as a water heater to provide the highest quality products to our customers is always doing the daily routine laboratory tests, and consequently the minimum quality standards are accepted as European standards.