Area Of Usage / ENERGY

Geotermal Heating Sysytems:

Among the rich countries, Turkey takes an important place in geothermal sources and has been increasing investment to this concept. MIT Plate Heat Exchangers are used for both house heating and utility water producing and it has become one of the most favourite brands.

Heat Energy Recovery:

Day by day, energy has been becoming more expensive so there is no more patience left about wasting enegy neither in indusrty nor in individual use. In indusry energy budget has been increasing about %20-%40 and become almost the biggest expense. Considering all these points, energy recovery is very important. MIT Plate Heat Exchangers prevent energy lost with their large plates suitable for every system and gasket variety.

Electricity Production Facilities:

Thermic centrals are places where electricity is produced. Besides this, they are really big superheated water sources. In these systems, extra systems are set up and a lot of money is spent to cool the superheated water. In this point MIT Plate Heat Exchangers step in. They provide free water cooling and using this heat enery, enable us to heat a region.

Solar Energy Systems:

Solar energy systems are the most popular alternative sources. In obtaining hot utility water and house heating, they provide free energy. In these systems, MIT Plate Heat Exchangers are used as sudden water heater and make system to work more efficiently and lengthen life of the system by providing safer performing.