Problems and Solutions / Steam System Exchangers

I- Problem and Solution:

"Can nat getting enough temperature from hot water side"

- Make sure that connection of heat exchanger is true.
- Make sure that sending enough steam rate from steam boiler to heat exchanger.
- It could be air tightness because of hot water side works in a closed circuit, make sure that there is running airventing system on the highest point of the system.
- Make sure there is running thermostatic valve on the heat exchanger.
- Make sure steam and condensate is selected true and in operation.

II- Problem and Solution:

"Detonation sounds is heard while heat exchanger running"

- There is ram stroke in heat exchanger. Plates and gaskets can be deformed in short time by ram stroke. Therefor shut down the system and turn off the valves

III- Problem and Solution:

"The two fluid passing through heat exchanger is mixing"

- One or more plates may be drilled. Mixing problem is not about gaskets.
- Turn off all input and output valves of heat exchanger. Contact with service department.