General Features / Apartment and Local Heating Network Transfer Stations

MIT Apartment and Local Heating Network Transfer Stations, combines the economy provided by central heating systems with the advantage of determining independently comfort conditions offered by individual systems. Thus, this system which significantly reduces energy consuptions, helps also to provide an individual sharing in central system fuel consumptions. Mounted in flat entrances, supplied directly with central hot water boiler, MIT Transfer Station prevent pressure differences in intra-apartmental heating installations as well as the problems which can emerge.

"comfort and independant usage" era in central heating systems

The Building Energy Performance Regulation (BEP) obligated the use of a central heating system in residential buildings which have numerous independent parts. MIT Transfer Stations that enables sharing energy consumption costs for different usage choices and quantities of central systems with high energy efficiency; can be easily applied both in new built and existing buildings.

With its compact design, it occupies a small space and can be mounted to the wall. is a charming solution which provides modern, energy efficiency, high comfort for central heating systems.