General Features / Where are the Accumulation Tanks Used?

Accumulation Tanks are used with plate heat exchangers to get utility water in community life areas such as, buildings, hotels,dorms and public administration.

In that kind of places, the utility hot water demand reachest its highest value in certain times of the day. In other words, the demand picks. On the other hand, it stays under the average required flow in the other times of the day. That is why, all taps are considered as open at the same time and so the accumulation tank is needed in the circuit.


- Apartment,
- Single Houses,
- Hospitals,
- Dorms,
- Sport Centers,
- Factories,
- Public Buildings , shortly in every place where hot water is required, accumulation tanks are used.

Accumulation Tanks are avaliable from 100 lt to 10.000 lt and in different capacities

Standard Accessories:

- Cadhodic protection
- Thermometer

Optional Accessories:

- Relief valve.
- Control panel

Note: "Horizontal or Vertical Types"