Products / Single Coil Water Heater

MBS Series Cylinders are suitable for any domestic application where hot water is required. Storage capacities ranging between 100 to 2000 liters provide use in a wide application area. In case of higher needs, several cylinders can be installed in a bank arrangement to meet the required heat load.

Interior surfaces and the coil are coated with titanium-rich mixture of enamel to prevent corrosion and deposits; thus increasing product durability and ensuring a hygienic storage of the domestic water. Additionally, the cylinders are equipped with magnesium anodes to assure further protection against corrosion. The insulation of the cylinders is established by high density, CFC-free polyurethane, minimizing the heat loss, increasing fuel and energy savings.

The cylinders can be further equipped with electrical heater coils up to 45 kW power, depending on the need and the application area. The superior design of MBS series shortens the hot water preparation time, and allows for low space requirements, ease of cleaning and maintenance.