General Information / Calcification

Calcification is the biggest problem not only for plate heat exchangers but also it is for pipes, valves and even for all fitment. In our country almost all aqua source is limy. Againist calcification new solutions is searching everyday and trying to hider this problem. Neither electromagnetic parts nor chemicals could block it exactly. Due to the the continuously variable fluid temperature and narrower fluid channels than other channels, the effects of calcification occurs more quickly and more effectively.

Effects of calcification for plate heat exchangers:
- Narrowing of the flow channels
- Increase in pressure loss
- Reduction of heat transfer

Lime is the most difficult type of pollution than other pollutants to clean. After the first grip, lime molecules multiply rapidly with accumulate top of each other as shown in the above photograph. Calcification increases with increasing amounts of lime.. The most effective solution way to clean lime is completely disassembling plates of heat exchanger and cleaning with special chemicals separately.

An expert service team of Ekin Endüstriyel provides your heat exchanger first day performance wheter in place or a fully equipped service area of Ekin Endüstriyel with lime solvent solutions for your calcification problems.