Problems and Solutions / Exchanger for Domestic Hot Water

I- Problem and Solution:

"Can not producing enough water or no water are being produce"

- Make sure that connection of heat exchanger is true.
- Make sure that sending hot water or steam from boiler to heat exchanger
- It could be air tightness because of hot water side works in a closed circuit, make sure that there is running air-venting system on the highest point of the system.
- Turn off the other valves on the collector, if hot water line feeding from collector to feed heat exchanger and then direct the water to heat exchanger
- If you have 3-way or 3-way proportional valve on the heat exchangers hot water supply line make sure that valves directs hot water to heat exchanger
- Make sure the pomps is working and suppliying enough flow rate
- Do not forget hot water will arrive late at systems that has not recirculation line
- Make sure that using check valve for avoid repulse on main water connection at the recirculation line systems
- At accumulation tank system, make sure that there is a circulation line in operation between tank and heat exchanger.

II- Problem and Solution:

"Heat exchanger leaking out water"

- Control the tighteening measure of between two outer body of the heat exchanger is not more than desciribted at front sticker. If there is differences , bring to a minimum distance between two body

III- Problem and Solution:

"Heat exchanger is not working as performed as first day"

- Calcium deposit may have occured blokage in time due to excessive lime waters at heat exchanger. Heat exchanger must be dissembled and must removed scaling.
- Due to the contamination , heat exchanger installation may have been collected and blokaged caused by dirt. Heat exchanger must be dissembled and must cleaned.
- Strainer in pipping may be clogged. Make sure the strainer is clean.
- Make sure that is there any change on capacity of pomps.

IV- Problem and Solution:

"The two fluid passing through heat exchanger is mixing"

- One or more plates may be drilled. Mixing problem is not about gaskets.
- Turn off all input and output valves of heat exchanger. Contact with service department.